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One of the most common misconceptions among those filing a divorce or paternity case is that they will be forced to go to court and argue their case before a judge. However, the Courts are not the only place that contested issues may be resolved. The most effective alternative to Court is the process of mediation. This process allows the parties to bring their contested issues before a neutral third party who works with the parties to try and broker an agreement. The mediator is not a judge and does not render an opinion in the case. Rather, the mediator is simply there to facilitate the negotiation process.

If you are interested in trying to resolve your case in mediation you will be best served by having an attorney to represent your interests through the mediation and negotiation process. Just as you would not want to be unrepresented if you took your case to court, you would likewise not want to be unrepresented at a mediation. A good attorney should not only have great litigation skills for Court, but should also have great negotiation skills for reaching settlement agreements. In addition, it is vital to have legal advice and counsel during the negotiation process so that you can make informed decisions and ensure that don't sign an agreement that is not in your best interests.

Attorney Andrew Fackrell in Salt Lake City, UT will provide you with the advice that you need to make informed legal decisions and will fight on your behalf to negotiate the best possible settlement for you. And should negotiation or mediation prove unsuccessful in your case, Andrew Fackrell will be prepared to take your case to court and continue the fight for your interests.

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