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Are you considering the adoption of your spouse's child as your own? If you are a stepparent and have a stepchild whom you would like to adopt, you may have the right to file a petition for stepparent adoption with a Utah District Court. Regardless of whether you anticipate your request for a stepparent adoption to be contested by a biological parent or not, the process for a stepparent adoption can be complicated.

The Law Offices of Andrew Fackrell have the experience necessary to make sure the process is carried out correctly and effectively. Through our experience we have witnessed many happy faces over the years as children are bound legally to loving stepparents. Allow us to guide you through this process and work to unite you and your family through the power of the law.

Learn more about our stepparent adoption services by reaching out to the Law Offices of Andrew Fackrell in Salt Lake City, UT. Call to schedule an appointment with the Law Offices of Andrew Fackrell today.

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