Andrew was my second attorney on my child custody case in 2018/2019. My first attorney was inexperienced and detached from my case and I ended up not getting anything I wanted or deserved. I found Andrew by googling "dedicated family attorneys." I called his office and immediately he began asking me many questions about my case and what I was hoping for. I met with him a few days later. His office was very clean and he presented as very professional, extremely knowledgeable and very engaged in my particular case. He answered many many questions I had with patience and experience. He offered personal advice and made a few suggestions in my best interest along the way. We structured a plan and I provided what he needed to build my case. He came up with a few different strategies, things I had never even considered and really gave my case the bolster it needed. We went to mediation and he conducted everything with a firm hand. We then met with our commissioner a few months later and I was SO pleased with how he represented me. He stood up there and spoke clearly and very intelligently, he remembered small details I had mentioned previously and challenged the commissioner to consider my points of view. The commissioner couldn't argue with his points, he made sure not to leave any stone unturned. I ended up getting a more fair outcome than my previous experience. Afterwards he continued to check in on me and ended up writing up our custody papers, adding every little detail I had mentioned to him along the way. He listened to me and truly cared about my case and my family and I really felt safe and assured that he would represent me the best way possible. He made me feel like he truly cared about the outcome of the whole thing and always stayed engaged. I was so impressed by his knowledge and his attention to details. He's very professional but he's strong and firm and that's exactly what I needed at that point in my case. His prices were fair and he was definitely worth every penny! We are planning to use his services again for another custody case within my extended family. Very impressed and happy with Andrew!"


Excellent family law attorney. Andrew handled my case superbly and was always available when I needed him or very quick to respond. I really felt like he had my best intentions in mind and was very fair with billing and his time. He killed it in court and ultimately won my custody case for me. I couldn't have done it without him. I highly recommend him if you are in need of a good, honest, thorough attorney.

Jared C.

I spent many years of my life with this Attorney and he was incredible. He took my case very personal and fought endless hours on my behalf. He was upfront and honest about costs and the pros and cons. I strongly recommend going with him.

Oliver H.

Andrew is a great family law attorney. I know him to be aggressive, honest, and fair. As a fellow attorney in the community I have sent my own clients and family members to consult with him.

Brian H.

I have had Andrew as my attorney since 2012. That in itself should tell you something!
Andrew has always been there for me. He is professional, smart, extremely thorough, great to work with, Honest, and great at what he does. I would and do recommend him to anyone and everyone. In this industry you get what you pay for and every last penny I have spent with him has been money extremely well spent.
Thank you Andrew!

Trevor F.

Andrew is a wonderful and knowledgeable family attorney, and I am so thankful I found him. He handled my difficult divorce and child custody case with great skill and was strategic and thoughtful in his approach. He was very responsive to my questions, listened to my concerns, and kept me updated on the process. And most importantly, he fought hard for me. Andrew is a delight to work with, he is very genuine in caring for his clients, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Heidi D.

Andrew is amazing he knows the laws, he doesn't beat around the bush to make the process longer. Hes so kind and answered my frantic calls every single time I needed his input. He helped me so much he will always be my go to - attorney
Thank you Andrew!

Lyndie O.

I had an excellent experience with Andrew. He was both timely and clear in his communication during my legal needs. I recommend him to anyone looking for a family law advocate.

Kyle J.

Andrew Is an amazing lawyer and very fair he was the only one that would help me when no one else would would refer friends and family to Andrew words can't say how he changed my life in just a couple of months thank you Andrew for being an amazing lawyer

Christy W.

Andrew fought a good fight to get me to see my children again. He exhausted all avenues and ways that my ex and her lawyer could use against us and he was always right. He doesn't sugar coat anything when it came to realities of my case. He let you know the truth and that sets him apart from other lawyers. If your looking for a good honest lawyer and someone who will fight tooth and nail for you Andrew is the man to get the work done. Thank you again Andrew for all that you have done and will do for my family and I in the future.

William H.

Andrew represented me for about the last year through my divorce. He was very knowledgeable, and very patient with me. I had a lot of questions about the entire divorce process, especially cause I have children. He was able to talk me through everything, the opposing counsel would constantly send him emails that were just pointless. But he assured me that he didn't even respond to half of them cause there is no point in costing me money. Even months after the final decree was signed and the divorce was legal, I still had questions, and obstacles still came up with my ex-wife, I was able to email Andrew and he responded and was able to let me know of what my options were. I felt that he is on my side, and is truly wanting to help me. I would 100% recommend Andrew to any of my friends, family, anyone that I know.


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